Sanitization Booth

Arecotech Made Programmed Disinfectant Sprayer Tunnel or Sanitization Booth or Corona Disinfection Tunnel is a Door and passage type appealing structure in which different sides enclosed with poly-carbonate sheet and the other different sides are open for passage and leave reason and it is additionally encased with PVC plastic sheets. At the point when human enters in the passage or machine around then sensor which is set top place and side focus detects human body and offers yield to the circuit and circuit gets enacted and the entire framework actuates and every one of the 9 sprayers get initiated and beginning to shower towards the focal point of the passage and each of the 9 sprayers splash on the human body and it will consequently stop following 10-15 seconds.


  • Sanitization Booth
  • Walk in
  • Automatic
  • 360 Degree Spray
  • Compatible with most sanitizers in the market
  • Produces Ultra Fine Mist
  • All products are Designed, Built, Tested, Shipped and Warrantied from our facility
  • Easy to installed
  • No need for human touch, because of Automation
  • The spray is Mist type so there will no Stains on clothes
  • Reduction of germs on an individual
  • Removing germs with no human touch


Application :

Entry/Exit doors of

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Bus stations
  • Malls
  • Offices
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Government Buildings