Seam Welding Machine

Arecotech Spot Welding machine is built with a robust structure with branded controller and transformer which is the hearing of the machine. The machine can be customized according to the requirement. It comes in 35, 50, 75 KVA models. We do stock electrodes which can be modified too. Machines are internally water-cooled with all branded parts been used.



  • Car body production line
  • Automotive part production line
  • Refrigerator compressor welding line
  • Silvertip with the copper welding system
  • Hardware welding
  • Home appliance manufacturer line etc.
  • Supplying the high tech and energy saving welding equipment and integrate the working station.
  • Models: Longitudinal and Circumference seam


Model No.AE-35AE-50AE-75AE-100AE-150
Rated primary voltage380V380V380V380V380V
Rated capacity35KVA50KVA75KVA100KVA150KVA
Rated primary current95A135A200A265A400A
Secondary no load voltage5.3V6.0V6.3V7.0V7.5V
Duty cycle0.
Max. welding thickness(mm)0.5+0.50.8+0.81.0+1.01.2+1.21.5+1.5
Welding speed2m/min2m/min1.5 m/min1.5 m/min1.5 m/min