Straight Core Cutting Machine

The transformer core cut to length machine is specially designed for cutting silicon steel coils into lamination strips used in transformer cores.



  • Delta AC servo system plus Delta PLC professional module achieve high precision feeding, quick response, high precision positioning, low noise; Max. feeding speed 100m /min, starting & braking time is less than 10ms.
  • Full automatic finishing cutting, swinging angle, counting, cutting right angle, trapezoid, parallelogram, fish-head, etc.
  • Equipped with online punching & V notching device, high productivity
  • Cutting, punching, and notching motors are inverter control, quick and low noise
  • Screw rod center positioning, driven by step motor, automatic positioning





Item Description Data
CRGO thickness 0.23-0.6mm
CRGO coil width 30-300mm
CRGO strip Length 4m
Cutting length 1-9999mm
Cut-to-length tolerance +/-0.1mm
Cutting angle tolerance +/-0.03°
Burr height Less than 0.02mm
Feeding speed Max 100m/min
Production speed 1~140 pieces per minute
Cutting blade Carbide alloy
Stepping function Yes
Cutting motor servo motor Delta
Feeding motor servo motor Delta
Punching device 6-24MM
Input HMI Delta Touch screen
Controlling Device Delta PLC