Corrugated Fin Bending Machine

The corrugated fin bending machine is special designed for bending the corrugated fins. Horizontal or Vertical type can be offered as per customer need. The machine can bend between the fins or at the end of the plate so it can save time of assembling and welding the corrugated tank.

Main Features of Hydraulic Steel Plate Vertical Bender-

The hydraulic steel sheet bending machine allows to form the 4 panels composing the complete transformer tank.

Using this system allows to eliminate 3 welding corners, save the time of assembling and welding the tank with a reduction of leakage risks.


Main Specification

Item  Data
Cylinder specification Dia. 80 mm x 450mm, 2 sets
Hydraulic pump power 1.5KW
Suitable for fin size Max. 1300 x 400mm (W x H)
Bending degree 90 degree