Last Side Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Last Side Edge Cutting Machine


Main Features of Hydraulic Last Side Edge Cutting Machine

The machine allows to trim the edges (unwanted Part) of the Transformer radiator and give them a proper finish and shape. This machine Enables to cut/trim radiator of width 520, 300, and 220 mm. The waste can be collected from the sides as shown below.



  • Parts of Last Side Cutting Machine for Transformer Radiators
  • General Machine weight: approx. 2000 Kg
  • Radiator Width 520 mm Only. One Single Radiator entry at a time.
  • Foot Switch will be provided for the Ease of the operator.
  • Sheet Thickness up to 2.5 mm
  • Power requirement- 3 HP during the time of trimming.
  • Hydraulic Oil- 50 Litres.


Machine Dimensions- (appx)

  1. Height- 1.5 mm Including the cylinder height
  2. Width- 870 mm
  3. Length- 350 mm