Spot Welding Machine

Arecotech Spot Welding machine is built with a robust structure with branded controller and transformer which is the hearing of the machine. The machine can be customized according to the requirement. It comes in 35, 50, 75 KVA models. We do stock electrodes which can be modified too. Machines are internally water-cooled with all branded parts been used.



  • Automobile and Auto Parts Manufacturing Industry
  • Motor and Generator Manufacturer Industry
  • Low-Voltage Electrical Industry
  • Compressor Manufacturing Industry
  • Home Appliance and Hardware Industries
  • Models: Foot Pedal Operated Spot Welders
  • Hand Operated Portable Spot Welder having Integrated Transformer & Controller

Machine type:

  • Portable Pneumatically Operated
  • Integrated Transformer
  • Gun type Spot Welders
  • Bench Mounted Spot Welders


Technical SpecificationUnitAE-35P
Input supplyVolt415±15%
Rating @ 50% duty cycleKVA35
Nominal throat clearancemm250
Throat depthmm450
Maximum electrode strokemm40
Maximum available short circuit currentKA12
Mild steel welding thickness range (min. to max.)2 x mm0.8 to 4.0
Stainless steel welding thickness range (min. to max.)2 x mm0.6 to 3.8
Current control-By means of 3-6 position off load tap switch
Transformer cooling-Air cooled
Cooling for arms and electrodes-Water
Main supply copper cable sizemm225
Main disconnection switchAmp100
Water at maximum temperature of 300CLit/min4
Dimensions (HxLxW)mm1450x840x410
Weight (approx)Kg215