Horizontal Fixture Assemblies

After the radiator is made and the pipe is notched, we take these parts onto Fixture assembly which makes it easy for the operator to maintain the pitch and tack weld the radiator with the pipe.

We can stack up to 30 radiators with variable pitches, which totally depends on the customer’s requirement. This machine is operated by a hydraulic cylinder which operates on 5HP power, 415 V, single-phase, 50 Hz.

High-Quality hydraulic cylinders and fittings are used which increases the life of the machine in the long run.



  • Length 3500 mm appx
  • Width 2500 mm appx
  • height 1200 mm appx
  • Reputed make power pack with 5 HP motor
  • Reputed make hydraulic cylinder
  • Flexible design option to match pipes of various diameters