Finned Panel Transformer Radiator Production Machine

Arecotech Enterprises is one of the competent automation equipment manufacturers which focus to manufacture machines that are reliable, steady, and more sophisticated. We maintain a high quality of finishes and use most of the branded parts which makes the machine more reliable in long run.

We design machines based on the requirement of the customers. Any modification is possible which makes the machine more user-friendly. We focus to maintain consistency in the output of the products which makes them highly durable.



Decoiling – Raditor Manufacturing- Multiple spot welding – Seam welding – Edge Trimming and Straightening- Pipe Notching- Radiator Assembly.


Main Features:

  • The machine is designed to suit the capacity of appx. 4 tons of material with an average of about 2.5 m per shift.
  • The machine is completely automatic. The operator just needs to input the number of fins and the length of the panel. This helps to reduce the man power.
  • Deigned to deliver highly precise output, with less maintenance. The parts in the machines are made with high-quality material.
  • We manufacture dies with extra precise techniques and are undergone through various testing.


Technical specification:



Maximum Length of panel3500 mm
Minimum Length of panel500 mm
Thickness from flange to flange24 mm
Coil width required525, 305, 235 mm
Voltage3 Phase, 415 v
Hydraulic power pack 15 HP
Decoiler3 or 5 ton capacity
Hydraulic press100 ton
Radiator Design21 and 24 flute design
Flute depth4 mm
Sub flute depth1.2 mm